When I'm not making stuff for my day job, I like to build websites, apps, and utilities to help other developers. You can find some of them listed below, and the rest you can find on my GitHub profile.

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I build a lot of stuff that makes developers jobs easier. Mostly because it makes my own job easier. Check out some of my favorites below and find more on my GitHub or npm.

VSCode Theme Builder

A library that makes it easier to build VSCode themes. Allows you to use variables and interpolation with a config file for consistent theming.


A function to efficiently test whether an object contains the specified value. Very useful when filtering arrays of objects.


Removes duplicates in an array based on a given key. Like lodash _uniqBy but without needing to pull in all of lodash.


Super fast implementation for removing duplicates from an array.


I also like building websites. Here are a few of the ones I've made.

Catholic AF

My friend David and I built this site for fun and also to learn a little about doing e-commerce on a site. Sadly it is dead now, but the project was fun to design and build. David designed apparel and stickers and we sold them. 50% of the price covered our costs, 25% paid the designer, and the remaining 25% was donated to a Catholic charity. David wrote more about this on his site, check it out.

Sudoku Solver

A web app that will solve sudoku puzzles for you. It uses a variation of a brute force search algorithm with backtracking to solve even the hardest puzzles.

Virtual Keyboard

A web app that displays a keyboard (pure CSS/HTML) and lights up the keys you are typing as you press/hold them. Super fun, totally pointless. Try it out! (Doesn't work on phones yet... sorry)


This section is called "miscellaneous" but really it's just some themes I've built. Maybe someday it will have some other stuff too. Who knows. For now, these are the themes I use every day in my editor and terminal. I've made some other themes too, which you can find on GitHub.

VS Code Early Riser

A light syntax theme for VS Code. Sometimes it's really bright or I'm working outside and I need a light theme, but I didn't care for any that I found, so I made this.

Hyper Early Riser

Yeah, you guessed it... The same light syntax theme, but for Hyper, so I can do terminal stuff when it's bright out too.